+Colabor HSLU – Design Film Kunst

Crafting interactive narratives for art & design


At the intersection of art, technology, and human interaction, this module, aimed for artists and creators at large, allows you to explore the expansive world of interactive multimedia art. It's an explorative module, process-driven, to uncover the potential of visual storytelling mixed with interactive experiences.

Based on a yearly theme we will explore how interactions have evolved over time and how you can adapt them to convey your story and strengthen your narrative, while using today's technologies. You will research and analyse past and present projects, dissect them, and apply your findings to your own work.

You'll collaborate with experts from diverse creative backgrounds, and venture into the realm of interactive multimedia artistry. You will explore themes such as: nuances of interaction design, spatial narratives, sensory engagement, and more, to learn how to build connections between your art practice and current state of the art technological tools. You will gain an understanding on how to craft narratives that captivate, challenge, and inspire with a deep focus on immersive experiences.

The workshop is a combination of hands-on exercises, technical instruction, artistic research, and collaborative discussions. You will work on projects encapsulating core principles of interactive art, in a structured learning environment. The process-driven approach allows you to refine your vision through iterative exploration. You'll join forces with a vibrant community of fellow creators, sharing ideas and visions that amplify the impact of your artistic vision. Those explorative weeks will ultimately lead to the creation of unique, interactive installations; Translating your artistic vision in a technological innovation. You will leave equipped with the skills and knowledge to apply interactive multimedia techniques to your future creative endeavors.