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ImAgEs OuT oF cOnTroL


Photography has played a major role historically in perpetuating and enabling social control through practices of surveillance, forensics and analysis. Throughout this module, students will first learn about image-based strategies for control that are put in place in public and networked spaces. From CCTV cameras to face recognition technologies on Instagram filters, students will learn to critically engage with hidden logics of control, and how they shape identities and behaviours through photographic technologies.

The course will offer a series of artistic positions that subvert, disrupt and ultimately reclaim control of these spaces, including sousveillance strategies and extended documentary practices. Artistic examples will be accompanied by practical tutorials with the goal to teach students skills related to a number of image technologies: from AR in urban spaces to face filters, from CCTV camera “hacking” to projection mapping on architecture.

Each student will experiment with a number of different approaches to misuse, challenge and disobey image control and reclaim urban and networked spaces through different interventions experimented throughout the module.

PROGRAMME AND STRUCTURE Every week is structured with a lecture on Monday and a workshop on Tuesday. Each Thursday morning a clinic session is available on Zoom to discuss topics related to the course, including projects and assignments for the course.
  • WEEK 1 - Images of Control
  • WEEK 2 - Thief vs Thief: Digital Repossessing
  • WEEK 3 - Reclaiming Public Spaces
  • WEEK 4 - Weaponizing the Face
  • WEEK 5 - (Final Projects)


Marco De Mutiis
Leonardo Angelucci
Sabrina Cerea
Ludovica Niero

ImAgEs OuT oF cOnTrOl 2023 – selected projects